Wednesday, March 21, 2012

styles and occasions - gray scale

Today I won't do much talking, I'll just let you look at the pictures.

So, let me introduce the piece that is being in the spotlight today

'Tropical Cyclone' pendant from the 'Stormy Weather' series

Karolina will be wearing the pendant with different outfits again.
First - a summer dress with some floral pattern, the pendant is strung on a cord made of same fabric as the lower part of the dress.


With a casual school outfit the pendant is being worn on a simple stainless steel cord

To fit a long sleeveless sweater we hung the pendant on a long, black leather cord

And the last combo for today - an oversized leather jacket (borrowed from my husband) and the pendant strung on a very short black leather cord fit each other perfectly.

And there is one more photo I would like to share. It's a bit moved, but still - I just love this one :-)


  1. Fantastic again. I like the last outfit most, closely followed by first one with romantic dress.

  2. Amazing! I'm in love by the last outfit :)
    I think your husband briefly see his coat often, but used by your daughter :) It is gorgeous :)

  3. Those photos with the leather jacket are amazing, and Karolina looks great and confident in this outfit.

  4. Love pictures with leather jacket the best!!!!)

  5. Gorgeous post Jagna. I love Croline in leather jacket. I agree with Diana, she looks confident.

  6. I really envy your talent as a jewellery artist (It is a good sort of envy). And also - You have beautiful model pics! Something I haven't managed so far :-)


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