Monday, December 26, 2011

monday moodboard

Some glitter before the New Years Eve...

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For me Christmas is about being busy (before), being happy (during) and being tired (afterwards). In the Christmas period I have not much time and energy left for non-Christmas activities, so there is not much I am going to write here today. I'm just going to share a winter treasury I made on Etsy a couple weeks ago - just to bring some winter and Christmas feeling to here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

no winter

It seems we are getting no winter this winter... There's no snow, no frost, just rain, grey skies, clouds, and more rain. Disgusting.
Few weeks back I have made a series of winter-inspired pendants. Good thing at that time I still had the right idea of winter, remembered it from last year. If I were making those pendants now they would be looking quite different, I'm afraid ;-)

South Pole

Arctic Sky

Arctic Sunrise

Polar Expedition

Thursday, December 1, 2011

photos, photos, photos...

God, I have never had such a hard time shooting photos as I am having now. And all this because of Etsy...
If I had thought that shooting my own polymer clay pieces would be such a hell I might have chosen to work with some other medium and make pieces that would be easier to present...
Dark and reflecting background which I chose at the beginning works perfectly for my pieces, but for my shop it doesn't work at all - the photos just don't fit into treasuries, and treasuries are quite an important promotion tool on Etsy. So now I'm experimenting with other setups which is costing me lots of time and stress - I take a hundred pictures only to decide that none of them is good, then I take another hundred out of which I pick three and that only because I know that if I didn't pick any I wouldn't list anything either...

Having said that, I am very grateful to those people who decide to use my photos in their treasuries because I know they (the pictures) are not very easy. And I am very, very happy when the results are as good as in this treasury below :

Of course, there are also other treasuries featuring my pieces that are very, very good - I just feature this one because the featured bracelet is one of my personal favorites ;-)
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