Friday, April 20, 2012


1000 people admiring my Etsy shop is a lot, isn't it? I have opened the shop only six months ago, so it seems amazing to me that so many people have found me and liked my pieces in such a short time!

A huge THANK YOU to everybody that has liked my shop! :-)

I decided to celebrate the 1000 hearts with a giveaway.
I have made a pendant especially for this occasion - it is the first piece of a completely new series, but still a bit different than the rest. Also in the aspect that it has no name - yet. The name will be given to it by the winner of the giveaway (for those who do not know, all my pieces come with a 'birth certificate' - a hand signed note with the piece's name and photo).

So, here is the piece you can win:

It is a round pendant of 5.5cm in diameter, made entirely of polymer clay.
It's made of a blend of metallic clays, the outer ring in dark champagne color, the inside in shades of metallic yellow with grey and pearl white pattern. Altogether the piece looks very much like made out of metal, the inner circle has got a very nice slightly holographic effect, the lines look a bit different when you look at them from different angles and in different light.
The pendant will come with a stainless steel choker of 45cm (18"), which can be easily replaced with other stringing material.

If you like the piece and would like to take part in the giveaway all you have to do is like the giveaway post on my FB and share it with your friends.
Everybody is welcome to take part in the game, unless they are my family ;-)
The winner will be chosen randomly by the random number generator on on Friday, 11.05.2012.

Have fun :)


  1. Super cool GiveAway :)

    I am going to win this ;) lol

    1. Just go and get it, if the others let you ;-)

  2. Wow! That is a stunning piece! Love it.

  3. Lovely pendant.
    I was going to say "Fairytales of moss and fern" for name, but then I read it is yellow in description and I see more moss green. Anyway it reminded me of those Fairytales and it is so beautiful.

    1. The color is tricky - in the photos it's looking a bit greenish indeed. In nature it could be discussed as well, since it changes colors depending on the light. But I like the title - and the fairy tales seem fitting :)

  4. great one!
    going to share just now!

  5. Gorgeous as all your work!
    I love the colors and the lines! Amazing!
    I'll share :)

  6. You have excellent feel to colour! So beautiful!

  7. I really like it! If I were to be so lucky....

  8. lovely piece hon xx have liked and shared :-)

  9. Thanx for the opportunity to win! Love you work!


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